Your Greatest Success is Just One Step Beyond Your Greatest Failure


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Going beyond a motivational and leadership speaker, meet David, a dynamic speaker and Everest leader who has mesmerized audiences of large corporations and small groups alike. Drawing from his experience in extreme environments, teamwork, and leadership, David’s dramatic presentations featuring captivating videos and expedition photos leave a lasting impact.

Growing up in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, David was surrounded by mountains. But it wasn鈥檛 until his late 20鈥檚 when a challenge came from a coworker to climb Rainier that he began exploring the possibilities of mountaineering. His drive and passion for life transferred to mountain climbing, and quickly he was on the fast track to reaching the Seven Summits. Through many successes and a few failures he was able to reach this seemingly unattainable goal in just 8 short years.

David has taken his passion for adventure and channeled it into developing several successful adventure travel businesses. He has a masters degree in Business Administration and has been successful in corporate sales for over 2 decades. His extensive experience in both business and mountaineering bring a unique perspective that is rare among professional speakers. David has inspired audiences and corporations worldwide with his message of persistence and climbing beyond our self-imposed limiting beliefs.聽


Summit Speaker

David is a globally renowned adventurer and entrepreneur, uniquely equipped with the expertise to both organize and lead teams on across all Seven Summits, including two awe-inspiring journeys to Mt. Everest. His ability to direct his teams sets him apart in the realm of summit speakers.

Leading the Seven Summits

David, an expert in reaching the summit of every continent, orchestrates meticulously planned expeditions where he accounts for every detail and contingency. Despite his thorough preparations, unforeseen challenges arise on every continent, testing adaptability and resourcefulness.


"Peak Persistence" explores the concept of resilience and its role in achieving long-term success. David emphasizes the importance of maintaining motivation, perseverance, and adaptability in the face of challenges, providing practical strategies for cultivating persistence in various areas of life.


Turning his passion and business degrees into leading others to realize their dreams, David created multi-million dollar adventure travel companies in Central and South America, Africa and the Himalaya. He enjoys relaxing at this safari lodge in the heart of the Serengeti along


Thank you once again for coming and delivering your message. I have gotten many compliments that you have been the favorite speaker ever to come to our event and many people have been talking about you all day yesterday and today. Thanks for sharing your expertise and inspiring all of us.

BD Medical Technology

We are so thankful for your help and message. I'm still getting great feedback from our folks, many have said that you're the best keynote speaker we've ever had.

American Express

How refreshing to hear failures and successes not only in the mountains but with your businesses. Incredible journey--inspired our teams to reach beyond our professional and personal lives.

Security National

We had the jaw dropping pleasure of hearing David speak to our company. Not every day you get to hear from someone who has sat on the summit of Everest 鈥 and plenty of other highest mountains in the world. David taught us it's all about the people you meet, the relationships you make and who's with you at the top. One of the most compelling presentations we鈥檝e heard.


From his first words to last, David energized our team by breaking through limits and adapting to whatever the environment throws as you. It's all about that moving past those limiting steps!


Dave blew everyone away. It was amazing. I've hired and sat through a lot of speakers and this was top notch. I almost got emotional at one point and I DON'T get emotional!

Alder Security

Thanks for presenting to our leadership team. Just to let you know you got voted best guest speaker of all-time! Everyone really enjoyed your insights, you nailed it.

Cafe Zupas

We can't wait to have our other Chapters hear from you! Absolutely amazing.

Young Presidents Organization

Your message hit home, our group really enjoyed it. We're ready to take our next step!


PLEASE refer anyone looking for a versatile keynote that can hit any area and department! Perfect!

Savage Logistics

You killed it and your message couldn't have been any more perfect for what we are doing. We've been wanting to hear your keynote for a while and it was even better than we imagined. You're a stud! Thanks

Tenzing Partners

It's not easy getting over 1,000 financial advisors totally captive from the first minute to the last, very motivating and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your stories

Transamerica Financial Advisors

Our Educators and Students all agreed this was by far the most captivating and engaging guest speaker we have brought in for our annual retreat. Thanks again!

Liahona Academy

I still have staff members come up to me two weeks later telling me this was their favorite speaker at our annual Summit event. Thanks again!

LiveView Technologies

David Snow is a phenomenal speaker! I recently hired him for a corporate event and I was blown away by his stage presence. Not only is his story incredible, but his delivery is extremely captivating. I think everyone in the room felt motivated by his message. I highly recommend David!

Observe Point

Our Exec Team from six countries were all inspired and lots of talk about your presentation throughout the rest of our week of meeting. Once again, thank you for accommodating and inspiring us.


On behalf of myself and the TRIO Veterans Team we would first like to thank you for your presentation. Thank you for presenting that as we take one step, we are choosing to help create a pathway for our lives. Additionally, your visual representation of who is on our rope team, and how at times we can lean into others strengths was inspiring.

TRIO Veterans Program

Wow!!!! David, what an amazing story, you knocked it out of the park! THANKYOU, THANKYOU THANKYOU for coming! We loved everything you shared and we are so grateful for the time and energy and love that your message brought into our lives!


We appreciate you attending our Sales Awards Event. You were so great to have there! You created such a great atmosphere and kept everyone engaged from beginning to end! You were able to tie our theme of the year not only to your passion but to our sales department鈥檚 day to day life. You made people laugh, cry and feel every emotion in between but left people feeling motivated and ready to take on hard things by the end. We appreciate your professionalism, attitude, and kindness. We are glad you could speak at our event David Dai! Take care and thank you again!

Les Olson Company

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to David for his awe-inspiring motivational presentation delivered to our vast audience of 10,000 employees spanning five different time zones at Bank of Montreal. His ability to captivate and uplift us all was truly remarkable, as he seamlessly intertwined insightful wisdom with practical guidance, and determination within each of us. We are immensely thankful for his invaluable contribution to our journey of growth and success.

Bank of Montreal

Thanks for your message! Our teams from Asia, Africa, South America, US and Canada ALL enjoyed your take aways, igniting our team's passion and drive to new heights馃槈!

VUMI International

Nothing but great things from our team of over 200 at our Home Mag event. Setting the perfect tone and inspiring us with real examples we all can apply. Thanks again!

Home Mag Media

Thank you very much for your follow-up and for yesterday's great keynote. Last night we took the group on a Bay cruise and I got a chance to ask at least 20 people about their thoughts on your presentation. Not one person was less than emotionally moved and inspired by you. The number one thing I kept hearing from them was how much they were impressed by your authenticity and storytelling. You definitely stirred some hearts and minds. Thank you again for being our first keynote speaker at our inaugural Summit and I look forward to the next opportunity to have you back. Feel free to list us as a very happy client. You can also use me as a point of contact if you need a reference for future gigs. Well done and take care

Westport Properties

Thanks again for elevating our conference and team building event. You hit the mark on a lot of KPI's we're focused on this year. Just perfect.

Department of Natural Resources

Thank you sir for sharing your message or hope and resilience. It was well received by all of the Cowboy Family! Safe travels and may our paths cross again someday.

Jackson Co. Education District

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